August Habit, The Worlds Lens, + a new book

What is your goal for August? People have left comments and given some really good ideas! …

-Less fear, more faith.

-Give more compliments

-Don’t stress about the little things.

…Just to name a few. Thank you for your ideas! There really is something so valuable about setting monthly goals. Something you can focus and reflect on.

My main goal for August is to take DANCE CLASSES. To engage in it and dive in. I grew up dancing and it has been apart of me ever since I was a little girl. I am now apart of a dance agency, and I really want to give it my all. Put myself out there, take class, audition, learn, grow. I think a lot of times I feel like I am not quite put out for this industry. That maybe I am a little too old and the LA dance life will eat me alive…but that is fear talking. I’ve come this far, and right now is the opportunity to give it my all. This isn’t like my usual, monthly goals, but I know I need to put it out there and really make it so. It is important to me and I need to start building myself up and going for it. I know this month is just the beginning and that I need to make this a continuous goal… So here we go.


Some thoughts:

It has been a minute…

Our world.

It is currently full of distractions and multiple ways to be consumed.

Social media rules.

We are glued to our phones. To technology.

The word “superficial” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Those natural human things we go through like, comparison, jealousy, envy…are more real than ever and harder to avoid.

Picturesque lives and situations are staring us in the face. And even though we are told they aren’t real…we tend to believe they are.

We’re trapped. Trapped in a world that’s more self-focused.

A world where people define their worth based on their “likes”.

Where people aren’t going somewhere or doing something to actually do them…but to get that one perfect picture to post and then leaving. (true story)

Where is the depth?

Everyone is just trying to get ahead of one another.

We have changed the definition of success and beauty. True beauty…

And loyalty, trust, and true kindness are hard to find.

When I look at the world as a whole, this is what I see…and it scares me…it’s as if we have taken a turn in the wrong direction and need to get back on route.

The route that I also see that is full of so much good.

There are incredible people out there that give and do so much good. Who are genuine and care about others. Who are true examples of beauty and altruism…

That goodness and true beauty are there. And are the base. We just have to do all we can to not lose that view. To hold on to what we really know.

To know that we are enough.

That we are incredible and carry so much worth and beauty.

That we are all the same. We have struggles and are insecure about something.

Don’t lose that base.


Also, a new book I am reading: Essentialism. Check it out! It is all about narrowing your focus and giving your energy to those few, vital and most important things in your life… more to come on this book.


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