put your phone down…

…Been reflecting a lot again today. About the world and where it is at. Its focus. Where my focus is and if I am engaging my energy into something good and meaningful. Into what is needed.

We just got back from Tijuana and it was crazy to me. We walked 20 feet from San Diego to Mexico and we were suddenly in a different world! From a place that seemed structured and put together, to a place full of poverty…but yet, Mexico to me seemed to have more things “put together” then America. At first I was saddened by the poverty that I saw. Saddened by the thought that I could walk such a short distance and people lived off hardly anything. It just didn’t seem right to me. But as I watched the people over the course of a couple of days, my view started to change. Although these people seemed to have nothing, they acted as if they had everything.

They were happy. Sitting in the streets selling what they could, talking and laughing with one another, just being with one another. And the best part was, I didn’t see a single person on their cell phone 🙂 Nothing to interrupt or distract their time with one another.

We went to a local water park in Tijuana and we got to interact with some amazing, loving people. People that just enjoy what they have. This simple experience touched me and made me want to be a little bit better. A little bit more engaged with those around me and put my phone down. A little more grateful for all that I have and do my best to focus on the simple things. That short visit across the border taught me a lot.

What can you do to be a little more engaged? What is a goal we can make about putting our phones down?




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