July Habit



June was a great month. Not sure how it went by SO FAST, but it was great. To recap my June goal/habit, I wanted to “jump start my day”:

-Get 8 hours of sleep

-Sweat 5 times a week

-5 second rule


I feel like overall, I accomplished these goals and developed some better habits. I can’t believe the difference a solid 8 hours of sleep can make, and how much better I feel when I get my butt straight to the gym. Hoping to continue this habit! …

The 5-second rule was probably my favorite habit to work on this month. The results were really amazing and I saw a positive difference in myself. I didn’t give myself time to sulk or get in my head. I would just take a deep breath, count backwards from 5, and go! I felt a significant decrease in negativity and I felt like I could be more engaged in the moment. I can really see myself getting stronger! The 5-second rule is something I’m going to continue to practice and implement in my life.


For my July goal/habit, I want to work on SERVICE. Lately, I have been feeling like there is more for me to do. More ways that I can serve and reach out to people…so that is my goal! Some ideas I have:


-Make and take treats to 1 friend per week

-Research an assisted living facility and go volunteer

-Volunteer at a food bank

-Write letters to the widowed/elderly


Not exactly sure what I am going to do yet, but for July, I want to serve. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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