your vision board

I have had a few different things on my mind this morning. Thoughts, a great quote I found, and vision boards. So I’ll dive into all three.

First, a quote about HOPE by David Batty:

“Hope is not a feeling. It’s not a tidal wave of joy in the middle of a problem. Hope is not the magic wand that makes the problem disappear. Hope is the lifeline that can keep you from being overwhelmed by the storms in your life. When you place your hope in Christ, you place your confidence in His promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. That He will do what is best for you. Even though you may be in the middle of a huge problem, hope enables you to be at peace, knowing Jesus is with you every step of the way”


..May we all have the courage to do what we love. To believe and trust ourselves. To know that change is possible.

Now vision boards…

I read this book that talked about vision boards and the power they can have. Writing down, seeing, and really visualizing your goals. So this summer I decided to make my own. I have seen a powerful difference–I feel different, I am doing things a little differently, and seeing this board in front of me everyday has given me motivation. So here’s how it works…

Get a poster board, piece of paper, whatever you have. Just something you can hang up.

Divide your vision board into categories. It can be whatever you want, but just for ideas I did: Education, Career, Social, Personal, & Spiritual. (these are similar to my New Year Goals post, so if you haven’t seen that one yet, go check it out!)

Write down 2 or 3 things under each category that you want to accomplish, or goals you want to look into. For example, under Education I have: How can I keep learning and using my brain? Daily TED talks? Language courses? Grad school? …I asked myself these questions at the beginning of the summer, and now I listen to at least one talk a day, and I am signed up for Spanish lessons in the Fall.

Other examples:

Personally- 1 dance class a week, take more action that will increase my faith…

Spiritual- Pray 2x a day, scriptures 1x a day plus discussion, learn more about Christ

Social- What are some ways I can reach out to people and be a better friend? …

These are just examples! Your vision board can be whatever you want! What career goals do you have for yourself? What is a personal goal you have always wanted to accomplish? Big or small…don’t hold back or be embarassed…this is YOUR vision board.

Hang it up. Hang up your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday! Visualize it, put it out into the universe, and live as if it’s already happening! …It’s going to happen.

What does your vision board look like? 🙂


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