June Habit + some late night doodles



I have been jotting down ideas about what I want to work on this month. A goal I want to achieve and a positive habit I want to develop more of. I have had a lot of time to reflect lately…and there are a million things I need to work on…but for this month my goal is: Jump start my day.


-Get 8 hours of sleep every night.

-Sweat 5 times a week

-5 second rule


I want to get no more than 8 hours of sleep a night. During the summer I can find myself sleeeeeeeeping in a lot later than my alarm clock had planned, and sometimes that is due to my mentality of ‘I don’t have anything I have to get up for’. I want to change that. So my plan is a solid 8 hours every night, followed by a morning work out. This will help get my day going and give me more energy. If I can do that, I feel like everything else in my day will flow more smoothlyJ…even if I don’t have a lot of plans. It’s something to get up for and jump start my day!


The 5-second rule is another way to jump start things in June. My husband showed me this video about mental health, and it talked about the 5-second rule… In a nut shell, we have 5 seconds from the time we have a thought– to take action. After the 5 seconds, our mind hangs onto that thought and locks it in. For instance, if you have a thought about doing something, i.e. going to the gym or pursuing your passion, count backwards from 5 and then go do it! Otherwise those negative thoughts (fear) take over and can hold you back. …My goal with this is to clear out negative thoughts. So if I am having negative thoughts, or if sudden fear comes up in a situation, I will count backwards from 5 and go & do. Whether it’s a distraction needed, or that push to get my butt to the gym, I will take action to get the negativity out of my head and build up that 5-second mechanism.

5 seconds to tell myself I CAN.



…heres a late night journal entry:

Journal writing…


I feel like I am having a cool, in tune moment. I feel at peace… like I am sitting close to God. I feel in tune with Him and myself. I am sitting here in silence, and normally I can’t handle that sound. I tend to quickly get in my head and I have to quickly fill my time with something, or some noise to distract… but not right now. And it feels pretty great.

Moments like this are when I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be, and I can feel myself growing and changing. Becoming the person God needs me to be. These are the moments I cherish and try my best to hold onto. The moments where I want to change the world!

I love just sitting with God and trying to listen. Moments like this remind me that everything is going to be okay and that I will be guided. That my prayers are being heard and that I am capable of accomplishing the things in my heart. I feel like in these moments I see a little bit more through God’s eyes, and with a bigger perspective.

I really just want to be a better person each day. I want to find new people to serve, and new ways to do so. I want to develop a greater, and more enriching career path—I just feel like there is something greater for me out there…something waiting for me.

I’m grateful for moments like these.


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