being efficient


I don’t know if you have been able to catch the #magicofvulnerability that is going around right now, but it is amazing! Started by Weslie Christensen (@weslie_). Weslie has encouraged people to be more vulnerable and open. To not be afraid to share their stories, their day-to-day struggles, and much more. Be sure to check out here Instagram page and blog. Sharing your story might be just what someone else needs…and can be magic for you as well.

So here is something I want to be a little more vulnerable about. Welsie is doing a 30 day challenge, and although I probably won’t get all 30 days in, I do want to share a few…so here is one…

‘being efficient doesn’t mean filling your day from beginning to end’


I have recently realized the definition I’ve created for efficiency. How I have based my self-worth and progression on the length of my to-do list and the type of job I have, including income. Being busy ever since I was little, and filling my time with all sorts of extra curricular activities up through college, made for a hard transition once I graduated. I continued to carry this mentality that I had to be busy-busy. I thought that I would have this “big kid job” all set up for me once I graduated with a shiny pay check, and all would be set…but it wasn’t. And now looking back I am really glad.

I feel like at first I would just fill my time with whatever and still try to keep that morning to night to-do list going. I had the hardest time with “down time”! Now, I am all about staying busy, but in my case, I knew that my mentality needed to change. It was time to start exploring new things, and find the real me without all of my accomplishments creating my definition.

It has been almost two years since I graduated from college, and I have learned so much about myself. Things I am so glad I discovered, and things that I wish I never would have…but whether good or bad, I am learning, growing, and trying my best to become the person I want to be, and who God wants me to be.

Being efficient, progressing, and personally contributing to the world is still something I am working on changing my mindset about. My husband and I are living in California for the summer, and where I only work a few days a week, I have a lot more time on my hands…and I think God knew this was exactly what I needed.


…Being efficient doesn’t mean that you have to have your day filled with things to do. Or that you have a full-time job. Or that you make a lot of money. Or that your house is always organized and things in your life are perfect.

…Progressing doesn’t mean you have to be constantly continuing your education, or have your own business, or always doing something (although if you want to go back to school or start your own business, I think you totally should!)

…And contributing to the world doesn’t mean that you have to be doing humanitarian service in a third world country.


I am all about thinking big, but for me, it was like if I wasn’t doing something BIG, I wasn’t doing enough…or anything at all really. And I let these things define me.


So this summer I have a goal. I feel like a small light bulb has turned on in my brain when it comes to this topic and my mentality, and I am really ready to work on changing it. Efficiency is not defined by or linked to time. I can do so much to contribute and progress in different ways, and it doesn’t have to be done every minute of the day. I am starting to look at “utilizing my time in a different way” …A little more time gives me the chance to think out of the box, find new ways to serve, and be a lot more aware. I am excited and ready for this goal to just chill out a little…


So here are a few of my summer goals.


I want to play the guitar more.

I have finally started a book club! Something I have always wanted to do, and my goal is to read 1 new book a month.

I plan to start taking Spanish lessons in June. Pumped.

Listen to one LDS, Ted Talk, or Podcast episode everyday.

I want to take at least one dance class a week, or do one audition a week.

I want to hang out with my in-laws more.

I want to explore some new areas and try new food!

I am trying to cook dinner at least 4 nights a week and make something new each week (big one for me haha)

There are girls out here that are in my same boat, and I want to find specific ways to serve them everyday. This is also a really good chance for me to serve my husband while he is out working for us all day.


When given more time, I always thought that it would drown me and hold me back…but really it gives me so much more freedom! Freedom that I want to try and explore, and enjoy more. So here’s to redefining efficiency and progressing in a healthier way.


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