some resources…

Here are a few of my favorite sites, videos, podcasts, etc. that I thought I would share! All are based on health & wellness. Enjoy!  –A website all about mental illness. Learn more about mental illness and how to take action-what you can do if someone you know suffers with mental illness, or if you are the one struggling. It is an informative website that spreads awareness, and reminds those that struggle with mental illness, that they are not alone.

-Well & Good–A great wellness website with everything you need to know! From the best workouts and nutrition, to mental wellness advice, this New York City based company has it all.

-Let It Out- A podcast by Katie Dalebout that encompasses everything wellness, especially mental wellness. She is upbeat, informative, and is great at connecting with people. She even has her own book titled Let It Out.

-Top Wellness Blogs/Websites: I haven’t gotten through all of these, but the ones I have, I LOVE! Check them out and find what you are in need of.

-Top Inspirational TED Talks:


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