This one is for those that are struggling with something hard. Maybe it is an addiction, disease, or other personal struggle. Maybe it is something that you can’t quite explain and you are doing all you can to heal, get better, and overcome… Like we have talked about, FIRST-don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need it. Utilize the many resources around us and reach out to a loved one you can trust…this is step one. STEP TWO-acceptance. This is a hard one for people. We all want to believe that we don’t have problems. That we are tough and capable of achieving anything in front of us, all by ourselves…that what we deal with isn’t really that big of a deal and it will just ‘go away’ if we try hard enough. Hey. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or embarrassing about your situation. We all go through that personal crap that makes us feel shameful and alone…don’t listen to that voice inside your head. You are not alone, and accepting that you have a problem and need help does not make you weak. It is the exact opposite. Accepting something and facing it doesn’t mean that you have fallen into the trap and now you are stuck with it. It is a sense of relief. A step necessary to start improving! THIRD-don’t put a timeline on your progress. Struggles, addictions, or whatever it may be can’t be healed overnight. They take time. A lot of time…perseverance, baby steps, and patience. Celebrate the little feats and the progress you have made. Be gentle with yourself during a small set back and BELIEVE that you can get better. Believing, having hope through the process, and taking action can go a long way. We are quick fixers, and something’s take a lot longer than we’d hope for…so don’t lose sight or faith. FOURTH-you are amazing. Love yourself and know that you are getting better and progressing! You will overcome and accomplish whatever task is in front of you. I know it with my whole heart-now its your turn.


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