A little more change…


Change can hold a lot of different meanings in our lives. A change of pace, a change in the direction of our lives, one thing ending and another beginning, a change in who we are. Change can mean a lot..and it can, at times, be a scary word. In this particular post, however, I want us to dive into change and try to embrace all that it is. We talked about changing within ourselves, and now I want to talk about a new meaning of change. Moving somewhere new, taking a new job, finishing college and jumping into the world…that kind of life switch change.


This kind of change can be hard, and if you are like me, I don’t like it very much. I thought that I did—being adventurous and loving new things—but when my life is altered in someway, it’s not so easy for me to adjust. So here are a few thoughts on change.


First off, know that change is good. If everything was the same, comfortable thing everyday, we would never grow. Change helps shape and create us. It makes us stronger and in some cases I think it makes us more aware of our surroundings and what is important.


Give yourself time. Adjusting to something new is going to take practice and patience. If change doesn’t come easily to you, know that that is okay! Don’t give up or throw away a chance for change. Over time it will get easier.


Jump in. Sometime the best thing you can do with change is jump in with two feet! If you give it your all, try your best to stay positive, and put those positive vibes into the universe, you might be surprised at how much better the experience is! Just give it a shot.


Get support. Who can you reach out to that can help you through change and encourage you? Don’t hesitate to ask them for help.


Here is article that talks about a few more ways to adjust to change!





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