you are not alone.

In times of trial, hardship, or small moments of unexpected sadness…don’t be overtaken. It might not seem so, but you are not and never will be alone in feeling those things. Everyone experiences them in one way or another, and even if they aren’t exactly the same, we can relate and empathize. We can help lift. Know that those moments don’t last forever. Know that you can overcome what is in front of you and that your capabilities are more than you could ever see. In those sad moments, breath and dig for hope, knowing it isn’t far. Know that a thought is simply just a thought and doesn’t have to be interpreted, understood, or fixed. Sometimes things just aren’t okay, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make you any less and it doesn’t mean you aren’t a happy person. You don’t need fixing, you just need a little time and understanding.

I’m continuing to learn so much about my brain everyday. I’m gaining strength, control, love for myself, and a better understanding. An understanding of how my thoughts work and how I have built up expectations and perfectionism in different areas of my life for a long time… an understanding of my brains capabilities. That I can change, rewire, and become stronger. An understanding of my Savior and how He listens and helps me everyday.

Maybe you are going through something so that you can help someone else. Or maybe you are going through something to gain better strength and understanding. Maybe it is to help YOU with something else in the future. We might not always understand it…it might be really personal and hard…but know that God and Jesus Christ know exactly what you are going through and because of that, they can succor you. We can’t always do everything on our own. Sometimes we have to “lean on Gods understanding” and give some of our hardship to Him. He can and will help you if you ask. I’ve felt it.

I want you to know that you CAN change. That you can heal, become stronger, and accomplish the desires of your heart. Sure it is not going to be easy and it will take a lot of patience and perseverance, but overtime, it can totally happen. I am far from perfect, and I am constantly trying to make changes everyday. Some day’s are really really hard and my feet drag, and other days I can see a real change happening and it feels great! Not everyday is the same and that is where continuation and repetition come in.

You are not alone. Be patient with yourself, the process, and celebrate baby steps. You are doing a great job… and again, don’t take your thoughts too seriously. It’s more about your heart.


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