Start Within


You must first start within. Healing, improving…do it from the inside out. It is about letting go of those internal rules and expectations you have created for yourself, and letting go of the outside expectations as well. This life is about you. Following your dreams, achieving the things that you want to, and becoming the person you were made to be. We are all on the same journey of growth and discovery. Of being shaped into exactly who God needs us to be, and I believe that starts from within. It isn’t always easy. Like we have talked about, we are our own worst critic…but it is possible. Possible to turn down that noise around you. The noise inside your head. To stop wondering, doubting, and start living a little bit more.

How? Here are a few ways to start…

-Think of the type of things you want to heal from the inside out & write them down. Where can you start? Where can you find help? Start with one thing at a time…& don’t be afraid to ask for help.

-Meditation. Give yourself some silence. A time to breath and be in the moment. Letting go of your thoughts…there is a reason people rave about this practice.

-Make it a reality. Don’t just think you can change and accomplish your desires, live as if it’s already happening. Take action and really believe…and that reality will start to present itself.

-Take care of yourself. Take the time to take care of you and find those things that you love. Love who you are and know that healing & improving takes time and practice.


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