How to Fill Your Time

Maybe you are experiencing a change in your life. A time where it’s time to choose your next move and decide how to fill your time. I was recently talking to a good friend who just graduated from college and has been experiencing this…and it can be hard! For so long you are busy with school and your extracurricular activities, and everything is pretty set…and then you graduate and you are like whaaaat? haha. I know I had that feeling. I grew up SO busy dancing and going to school everyday from 1st grade through college! I definitely had a few life crisis breakdowns once it was all over. I just thought I would have it all figured out. HA!

If you are experiencing this, it’s okay. We all go through it to some degree, at some point in our lives, and it is a time to really explore and grow. Sure it can suck during the process, but it gets better and you learn even more about yourself. It has been nearly 2 years since I graduated from college and I have to admit that I am still figuring things out. I don’t know if anyone ever fully does or what that even means! As I look back on these last 2 years though, I wouldn’t trade them and go back to my comfortable college phase. I have been able to dabble in a few different job areas, marry my best friend, and continue to shape my path. I feel like I have grown and gone through so much since college it’s crazy.

Don’t let these in between phases or times of change get you down. I truly believe these are the times we grow the most. This is a time and opportunity for you to explore different areas and see what foot steps you want to take next…you just need to keep making the steps. Try a new skill, get a job in something completely random, learn a language, engage in a ton of service. I feel like I have been all over the place, but I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do that! I work retail, I do eyebrows, I write wellness posts…and I’m loving it. I never would have known I love these things unless I tried. Don’t be afraid to TRY. Just celebrate the trying part instead of having to have the perfect result. You aren’t trapped in anything so don’t not do something just because of that.

Here are a few tips that will help with filling your time. Also, if you haven’t read the book Essentialism…do it.






  • Learn to cook. REALLY LEARN. Bake bread every day. Tweak your recipe until it becomes FANTASTIC. Make yourself a hot breakfast every morning. (Bonus: Excellent skill for post-sexytimes.)
  • Draw for 10 minutes/day. There are some good internet tutorials. Learn to write with your non-dominant hand.
  • Start a blog. Write for 1 hour/week. Or 20 minutes/day.
  • Practice public speaking. Toastmasters has great resources online. Just grab an empty room in the library and videotape yourself. Write a 5 minute speech, or give a 2 minute impromtu response to the most recent askreddit question.
  • Learn a language – others gave some online resources for this.
  • Basic programming – codeacademy and many others available to teach you online. Even if you just spend 2 hours/weekday coding, this will really set you ahead in future opportunities/jobs.
  • Basic graphic design. Design a menu for that catering event someone forgot to print out signs for. Design a logo so you know how when you start a kickass business in 3 years.
  • Exercise. I could write for hours on exercise. Take dance lessons, or go to the salsa club with free ones. I don’t care what kind of dance – ballet/modern/ballroom/whatever. The key here is regular practice. When you’re good, your coordination and confidence will show in everything you do. You said you weightlift – that’s great. Keep up the good work! I wouldn’t worry about tiring yourself out – human bodies are really good at adapting to being really active. Get yourself in fantastic shape this summer. Go biking, running, dancing, swimming AND weightlifting. Or whatever you find fun. Start slow, know your limits and don’t get hurt 🙂
  • Learn poi / juggling / staff spinning / other prop spinning arts. Youtube has great tutorials and you can make sock poi or a basic staff for < $5.
  • Magic tricks. Get a deck of cards and youtube. My roommate has only been practicing for 2 months and is fantastic. Learn to please an audience. Practice with everyone you know.
  • Talk to EVERYONE. The cashier, the girl on the subway, the bank teller. You aren’t good enough at engaging people until you’re on the phone with your bank to cancel your credit card and end up talking about travel plans in Russia. (My friend is this good. He started by opening conversation with EVERYONE.)
  • Watch 2 Ted talks every day.
  • Learn shit. Whatever you want – Khanacademy,
  • Build stuff. You didn’t mention your major, so maybe this is irrelevant. Learn to use basic
  • Volunteer. That could be a whole separate post.
  • Learn to run events. This is a pretty crucial life skill as well, and most organizations are lacking event planners. Host a dinner party to fund-raise for a charity/One Fund Boston/whatever is dear to you.
  • Learn a musical instrument(s)
  • Busk. With the dancing/musical instruments/prop spinning and awesome public speaking skills you now have, you should be set to try it out! Check our your local laws – sometimes they require you to have a permit. Even if you suck (which you will at first, but you’ll get better), you should be able to break even in a few days in a busy city.
  • Garden



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