Silver Fern Brand

Looking for a great wellness company that is reliable? Check out Silver Fern Brand for all of the products you need! Here is a review article I did on Silver Fern Brand that is published in Healthy Utah Magazine.


Silver Fern Brand Review & Blog Postsilver-fern-brand-pic

Sadie Wirthlin


Silver Fern Brand is a wellness company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are known for their incredible natural products including: probiotics, drink mixes, protein meal replacements, treats, and much more! I know you have heard of many wellness companies, but Silver Fern Brand definitely stands out. I personally had the chance to try some of Silver Fern Brand’s products and I fell in love! I could go on and on about each product at this wellness company, but the one I want to focus on is their probiotics. Here is why.


For one month I devoted myself to taking Silver Fern Brand’s probiotic supplements. I would take one in the morning and one at night. Remembering to take pills isn’t your thing? Don’t worry! Silver Fern Brand also has drink mixes and healthy treats that contain the same probiotics! Pretty cool huh? I have tried taking probiotics from other companies before, but never really noticed a difference. With Silver Fern Brand, however, I noticed a lot of positive results. Not only did I have more energy through out the day, but I also felt a boost in my metabolism. My digestive system seemed to run more smoothly and consistently and I felt less bloated. These probiotics helped my gut feel healthy and gave my immune system some support through the flu season. The best part? I noticed these results almost immediately! I knew that Silver Fern Brand was different and something special.


I decided to do a little bit more research on Silver Fern Brand and find out why their probiotics were so special. What I found was that these particular probiotics contain three different classes of “nature’s probiotics” including: spores, probiotic years, and acid stable pediococcus. They match the normal stomach pH levels, and unlike other probiotics, they have 100% guaranteed survivability. Silver Fern Brand probiotics are pharmaceutical grade, DNA verified, and have been proven accurate by several parties.


Some of Silver Fern Brand probiotics benefits include: improving digestion and food tolerance, reducing gas and bloating, nutrient absorption, reduce inflammation, improve bowel movements, and more. I definitely experienced these positive benefits and really feel like Silver Fern Brand Company carries wonderful and reliable products. Check them out for all of your wellness needs at



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