My March Habit

February Habit… we did alright. Still working on having a set date night or something of the sort where we just talk. Talk about our goals. Where we are at and where we are going. Put our phones away and just be with one another. For February, we were able to be home a little more and spend a little more time with one another, but we still want to work on setting that special time aside a few times a month for getting cleaned up and going on a date:) Maybe try and make this goal with the ones you love too and see if it makes a difference! …We will keep working on it.


March-Minimize Phone Time & the Social Media Scroll

Alright. For March, my goal is to minimize my time on social media & on my phone. I honestly don’t feel like I am engaged in social media excessively, but I still feel like I could cut back…and for sure cut back on the time I spend on my phone. I am one that likes to txt. I like to check in on people, chat, and have my phone by my side. Sure it is a great way to check in on friends & loved ones,  but I can feel it becoming a little too much. I feel like I HAVE to txt back right away, no matter what I am doing, and I just need to be able to engage my time a little more in the moment. Especially during those important moments-time with my husband, or dinner with friends, just to name a few. I want to be more aware of what is going on around me instead of being glued to my phone… so for March that is my goal.

Scrolling through Instagram or any other form of social media=once every other day & never when I am with my husband or loved ones. I will try my best to avoid it when I can have a conversation with someone instead. I will try my best to avoid it when I am walking somewhere or trying to get out of an awkward situation…when I am waiting in a line…etc. I just want to be more present.

Social media can have a big impact on you. A negative impact. I have really been trying to work on this lately where I minimize my time on social media, and especially avoid it if I am feeling down about myself or my life. That is when comparison can really sink in and you suddenly are sizing yourself up to everyone else. Just be aware of how you are feeling and know your limits…**you are also worth MUCH more than the amount of likes you will ever get on a photo.

Phone. Along with social media, I just need to put my phone down more. I am making the goal that when I am home…to be home. Sure there are times when I am home alone and it’s a good time to txt or call a friend, but when my family walks in the door, I want to put my phone away. I’m hoping that this will help me calm down about having to txt back right away! …most the time it can wait. Just a few things I want to work on this month.


Happy March!



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