How can we all be a little bit more aware? A little more informed. A little more open and supportive. As I have said, this is something I really want to try and promote on my website. Writing about and making people more aware of important topics.

First, I think it starts with kindness. Being kind and loving to those you come in contact with. Maybe you don’t have to look to far to see that someone needs help-try your neighborhood or community. Find ways to reach out and serve in the areas right around you. Being kind and trying to be a little more aware of others can go a long way.

Second, research awareness groups and charities. Maybe there is a particular topic you are interested in and want to learn more about…there are so many out there! Hop on google and dive in. There are endless ways to help, donate, and become more aware.

This is a start:

Third, take the time. We all have busy schedules, families to take care of, and personal struggles. It is easy to get in your own groove and focus more on yourself… especially when I am going through something hard, it is even HARDER to put my focus & attention outward. Taking the time to be more aware and serve takes effort. I promise though, that when you devote yourself to doing it, even just a little bit, you and whoever else is involved will find great benefit.


**Here are a few companies I have found that do their best to donate & promote awareness for topics that are really important to them. Check them out!


Dulo Supply Company. @dulosupplyco. This company sells sleek wallets and 5% of proceeds support mental disorder causes. They team up with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Check out this association for other ways to help.


Oathenticity Footwear. @oathenticity. The most beautiful sisters teamed up to start selling cute and affordable footwear. They focus more on women’s footwear, but have a collection for kids too! A portion of their profits go to Millie’s Princess Foundation for pediatric cancer.



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