Love & Being Brave


Here are a few tid bits from the book I have been reading- Present Over Perfect. Thank you for posting about this book @kcheesetown. I have really really liked it & have taken so much from it.


Author, Shauna Niequist, talks about living more in the moment. About removing all of the hustle and chaos, and being okay with silence. About enjoying it. She talks about being real…being open, honest, and learning how to slow down. She talks about God and how she is learning that she doesn’t have to please everyone. She talks about LOVE in comparison to “quick charm”. True, deep, love and the work that it takes…and she talks about being BRAVE.


“…Quick charm is like sugar—it rots us. It winds us up and leaves us jonesing, but it doesn’t feed us. Only love feeds us. And love happens over years, repetitive motions, staying, staying, staying. Showing up again. Coming clean again, being seen again. That’s how love is built…And if you can wean yourself off of the drug of quick charm, off the drug of being good at something, losing yourself in something, the drug of work or money or information or marathon training—whatever it is you do to avoid the scary intimacy required for a rich home life—that’s when love can begin. But only then. It’s all in here, not out there…”


“…Brave is walking away from the “strike while the iron is hot” mentality that pervades our culture. Brave is being intentional about taking your marriage from “fine” to “can’t live without you”… It’s easier to be impressive to strangers than it is to be consistently kind behind the scenes…Sometimes being brave is being quiet. Being brave is getting off the drug of performance. For me, being brave is trusting what my God is asking of me…sometimes brave looks boring, and that’s totally, absolutely, okay…”


Present Over Perfect reminds me that love is beautiful. That it is work and daily effort… something powerful…something deeper. It is something that I want to consistently work at and gain more of in my marriage and the relationships around me. Life isn’t about our talents, our busy schedules, our career paths, or those moments of satisfaction or “quick charms”…it’s about love.

This book reminds me to be brave in my future goals and daily actions. It reminds me to trust my God and myself. Being BRAVE can mean a lot of different things…standing up for yourself, listening to your heart instead of your chaotic mind, fighting through a struggle, following that career path you have always wanted, being honest & open. What does being brave mean to you?


Thank you Present Over Perfect. Stay tuned for more on this book!



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