When it comes to healing and becoming healthier, forgiveness is at the top of the list. Whether it’s forgiving someone else or forgiving yourself, this is a needed attribute. I feel like I am easy to forgive and forget with others, but when it comes to myself, I’m the worst. I can get a cycle going and constantly beat myself up. Between my stubbornness, overanalyzing, and OCD brain, forgiving myself can be really hard…

In what areas can you improve forgiveness and HOW can you become more forgiving? I know that there are situations where people can really hurt you and forgiveness seems impossible. I don’t know how much you may be hurting because of someone else or the depth of your pain…or maybe you have done something that hurt someone else and you are dealing with the depth of that pain. But I can tell you that there is hope and a way out. There is a way to FORGIVE and to begin to heal…


Start with this…


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