Where is your FOCUS?

I heard an analogy the other day about a dartboard. To sum it up…the dartboard is your life, and the center of the board is the area in your life that is MOST important. The circles that surround and deviate from the center, are distractions and “fluff” if you will…pulling you away from that center focus. WHAT IS THE CENTER FOCUS IN YOUR LIFE? Your family, your religion, love…and are you making sure you are doing all you can to keep that your center focus? I guess the main question I want you to ask yourself is “what is most important to me and how can I make sure I am hitting the center of my dartboard?”

I would love to hear how you keep your focus centered on those things? I have been asking myself this question and thinking about it a lot lately, and I would love to hear your insight.

Here is an article on how to keep your FOCUS



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