My 12 Habits for 2017.

“We become what we repeatedly do” -Sean Covey

I have been diving into the book, The Happiness Project, and I love it! This is a book based on a happy, New Yorker, who wants to be even happier. To do so, she starts her own happiness project and chooses 12 habits-1 per month- to work on. This inspired me to work on my own habits. Gretchin Ruben, the author of The Happiness Project, didn’t necessarily feel sad or unfulfilled when she started her habits, she just felt like she could soak up more of life and a little more happiness. So in honor of this book, and Gretchin Ruben, and my 2017 resolutions, I have made my list! Make your list of 12 and do it with me. They can be anything! 1 per month. Message me if you have any questions or need help with ideas… I will tell you about the habit I have chosen to work on, what I am going to do to work on it, what has been easy and what has been hard, and what I have learned at the end of the month! Here we go! …

‘Balance is something we all seek and strive for. Too much or too little of something, even if it’s considered a good thing, can be a negative…’

For January, I decided to work on BALANCE. Balancing out every area of our lives can feel overwhelming, so I started with one… Balancing my time. The last couple of months have felt CRAZY with 3 jobs, one being completely new, and working hours that go from morning to night. Late night. I have been trying to manage that, as well as be a wife, friend, and get a work out in when I can. It has just been on overload lately and once the new year hit, I knew it was time for a change.

I talked to my managers, arranged my schedule a little bit, and made a little more time in my week. It isn’t always possible to cut hours, but making some adjustments so my schedule flowed a little better, was! Even just one day to run errands and get things done, or have a night off to make dinner with my husband, makes all the difference! I’ve also tried to plan ahead a little more. I’ve kept a PLANNER and have written down my work schedule, as well as the things I’ve wanted to accomplish for the week. These include meal prep, dates with my husband, and time with friends. I have even set reminders to check in on my grandma…my brain needs all the help it can get! ….& writing things down has really helped. With planning ahead though, it is important to know that not everything will go according to plan and not everything has to get done on your list! Sometimes that can be hard for me and I am working on it.

So how has my January habit of balancing my time been going? ..Pretty good so far! With a more manageable work schedule, I have been able to slow down a little and enjoy time in those areas that are important to me like friends, family, and taking care of myself too. I have even made some time to go to the gym. Sure, it’s hard to find a complete balance for everyone and everything, but it has definitely gotten better. Slowing down a little has helped my brain slow down too and not be so overwhelmed with “busyness”. If you know me, you know I like a jam-packed schedule and that I love being busy…but too much can be an unnecessary overload.

So how can you find a little more balance in your life? Take one area and start to make little changes.

One area I’ve wanted to do more of with a more balanced schedule is serve more…little, big, I want to reach out to people a little more. Being more balanced gives me the chance to observe and be more aware of others…so that is what I am going to really try and zone in on as I continue to find balance through January. (and hopefully the rest of this year J )

My January habit:

What’s going well: I have more time and I am able to make important things to me more of a priority.

What has been hard: Finding complete balance for everyone I love and everything I want to do. Understanding that it doesn’t all have to be checked off my list and trying to remember it doesn’t have to be packed in all at once!

What I plan to do to improve: Really taking my time with each area of time balance I am trying to achieve and zoning in on it. Being more present and not rushing.

I’ll let you know how my habit is doing at the end of the month! …Stay tuned for February’s habit. Also, be sure to make a list of 12 things you have been wanting to work on and dive in this with me! I think by zoning in on 1 thing per month, for the next 12 months, we can really soak up more of life’s beauty and happiness…and become better.



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