The Power of Fear..and How Faith Can Win.

We all experience fear in one-way or another. It can come in many forms-externally or internally. Fear can paralyze us and keep us from our accomplishments and growth. From fully investing, loving, and reaping all that life has to offer. Your mind may tell you you can’t. The world may tell you the same…and staying in that comfort zone seems like a pretty good idea. We all go through this. Everyday we face challenges and decisions where we have to choose FAITH over FEAR. To jump in. Be courageous. And trust ourselves. Faith can be a day by day, hour by hour, commitment and choice..but by making that choice, you will soon see the power that faith has.

“Courage is doing something in spite of your fear”

I have been dealing with the word fear a lot lately and doing my best to face it. It isn’t fact, at times it seems almost impossible.  I have found my comfort zone, I have accepted it, and steering from it throws me into a mass of fear, emotion, and frustration. Facing my fear comes with a large amount of tears and stomach knots…but I’ve realized something…I play it safe, and I don’t really trust myself. I have not done anything to REALLY push myself in so long, and now, something that is really overwhelming or hard, seems even more so! I have forgotten what it feels like to do uncomfortable things and challenge myself. Sometimes that uncomfortable feeling of facing my fear is too overbearing, but I believe that is where true faith comes in. Believing in myself and the process, even though I can’t see the outcome. Believing that Heavenly Father will help me every step of the way and truly just going for it. Choosing faith over fear is a learning process. A day by day, step by step process. It takes practice and patience. Developing more faith is something I pray for everyday. Faith not only comes with decisions, but individual struggles. Our thoughts, our future, the tiny details of our lives…Faith is needed for all of it… and as you start to use faith a little more, you will see the true power it can have over fear. As your faith becomes a little stronger, your fear becomes smaller and your hope a little brighter. You are able to accomplish, learn, and grow in the coolest ways…and the best part is, FAITH truly is stronger than FEAR. It can win. You can win.

So today, I want you to choose FAITH over your FEAR. I want you to pray to develop more of it, and jump in. To try and to trust yourself. Faith, for you, may come in many different forms, but it is a matter of hope coupled with action. Have faith in yourself and in the outcome of your choices. If you are struggling with finding that faith in yourself, lean on the ones you love and their faith in you to get started. Take the action needed to utilize faith and get results. Sure, the results might not be exactly how you anticipated or wanted, but how will you know if you don’t TRY? It is like that video I put up on one of my first posts about failure..(if you haven’t had the chance to watch it, go back and do it) …Don’t view failure as a negative. You are trying and learning, and that isn’t a failure at all. The only failure is not trying.


‘A heart full of faith drowns out the fear. They cannot be in the same existence.’


Wash out all of those factors telling you you can’t.. that it’s too hard or that you will end up feeling incompetent or may go through these feelings, but keep pushing through them. Faith comes with not giving up and the true nature of the word and all that it encompasses is so powerful. CHOOSE FAITH OVER FEAR.


“Do something uncomfortable everyday”


For an amazing talk on Faith over Fear…


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