The Natural Man

I have been thinking so much about this lately. About the way we view things and how we live in a world of comparison and competition. How did we get here? It seems that we have let a sense of “realness” go, and have replaced it with perfection. That we need to appear perfect in all areas, and that we have everything going for us in our lives… And then when we compare our perfectness with everyone else, (especially through social media), if we aren’t at the top of our game, then suddenly we are worthless and feel like crap. I think at some point and to some degree we are all guilty of this and go through it…we are getting so caught up in it and it can be exhausting! Comparison, guilt, envy…these are all natural man tendencies that I believe have increased even more since social media. I think social media can be great! And I am definitely one of those that scrolls through Instagram almost everyday, I just think we need to limit the use and be careful… to understand that the lives we see on social media aren’t perfect! Just like you and me, those people that seem all put together, aren’t. We ALL have issues. Big and small, personal and unexplainable..we all struggle. I just want us to be able to be a little more open about those things. To inspire and uplift one another…not compare and put others or ourselves down. To look at our lives and see all of the wonderful things we have and are blessed with..and not to forget those because we are so caught up in others lives. I want people to understand that being honest about something you are going through doesn’t make you is the exact opposite.


We are here to build each other up. Life can be HARD, but we can all help make the burdens lighter. We can show appreciation and happiness for others instead of comparing or being jealous… this isn’t always easy, but I think these areas are all ones we can work on.


First PRAYER. I think praying for help in these areas is the best place to start. Pray that God will show you what He thinks of you. That He will help you not compare or be envious. That He will help you know your limits and triggers and when to avoid certain things. Pray that God will help you see others as He does and to open up your heart and mind to what truly is important.


Second, LIMITS. If you are feeling particularly crappy one day, might not be the best time to scroll through social media. This will just heighten the way you are feeling (in a negative way) and make things worse. Decrease the amount of time you spend on social media in general. Once a day? Once a week? Make a goal and let me know what it is. I think taking a small step back from these distractions can help increase awareness and gratitude in your own life.


Third, GRATITUDE. I know we have talked about this before, but continue your gratitude list. Write down 3 things every night that you are grateful for.


Fourth, SERVE. Maybe one of those seemingly perfect people on your social media feed actually need your help. Reach out and find ways to serve! By getting caught up in our lives and all of the things we wish were different, we neglect the chance to serve others. Serving helps ease the burdens in our lives and opens our eyes to true importance.


Make a goal this week to improve in one of these 4 areas this week. A small, realistic, mapped out goal. Let me know how it goes!


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