A Relationship with Yourself

You may have heard that in order to really love someone, you must first love yourself. As important as relationships are with others, a relationship with yourself is equally, if even more important! So let’s dive into that this week…

“You are the ONLY person you are around all the time, and if you can’t accept and love yourself, how can others?”

In order to form a good relationship with yourself, you need to start with taking the time to care for yourself. We hear often that life is about serving others-friends, our children and families, neighbors-which are all SO true and important, BUT we can’t forget about ourselves. We need it too! 🙂 A relationship with yourself starts with self-acceptance and love.  Are you making time for YOU?  Here are some articles about ways to form a better relationship with yourself. Give them a try and let me know what you think!




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