I think my mom is the greatest example when it comes to creating relationships and maintaining them. She taught me the importance of relationships and how a lot of why we are here on earth, revolves around them. Around helping and serving others. I have always loved how my mom reaches out and keeps her friends and family in close proximity. With lunch dates, phone calls, and visits, her actions have made me want to do the same.

So why relationships? Like I mentioned before, we are meant to serve each other and build one another up. Help each other see our potential and capabilities. Our strength. I truly believe that having relationships makes you happier..I know for me it does.

The other day I was having brunch with a friend and we were talking about how funny it was we had crossed paths! It really was a crazy coincidence, but at the same time, so perfectly planned out and needed. We needed each other at that time in our lives and we didn’t even realize it. She built me up and comforted me in a time of confusion. She was there for me when I had moved to a big city all alone. She was my angel…and I truly believe that’s what friends and family members are. They are our ANGELS. Put in our lives at the right time and for a variety of reasons. Kind of cool to think about it in that way.

So lets make and keep our relationships at the top of our lists. How you might ask? We are all so busy and living separate lives, but you can ALWAYS make a little bit of TIME. Sure it takes effort and reaching out to people, but I think you will come to find that creating and maintaining relationships will be so gratifying. You don’t have to do a lot… even little things.

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. (make that a goal once a week). Leave a note for a family member you live with or do an act of service for them. Call up your girlfriends and plan a lunch date!

Let your family members know you love them and appreciate them.

Also, check out this study about relationships!



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