Continuing our journey on thoughts, through Mindfulness.

You have probably heard this word a lot lately. Mindfulness. What is it and how can we gain more of it? According to psychologists, Mindfulness is a state of awareness; a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. I love that. To me, I believe that this awareness is a variety of things: Being mindful of your body-what nutrients you are putting in it and how it makes you feel? …Being mindful and aware of other people-does someone need your help? …Being mindful of yourself-what do you need? How can you show yourself more love? …I also believe that mindfulness encompasses being aware of your surroundings and taking in its beauty. Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness through meditation, yoga, and other practices, has helped: reduce stress, boost memory, improve focus, relationship satisfaction, etc. Mindfulness helps you gain control and be okay with where you are. Be okay with the experiences that happen to you-good or bad. Be okay with the thoughts you might have or the struggles you go through. It is a sense of love and contentment. You are beautiful, exceptional, and these thoughts and struggles don’t define you. Mindfulness can help with that understanding.

Try a mindfulness activity this week. Go to a yoga class, download and participate in a meditation video online, go on a hike through nature. * My favorite meditation and mindfulness app is called HEADSPACE.

All of these tools have helped me. Everyone can use a little more mindfulness. Let me know how your experience goes with these this next week!


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