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First off, if you want to hear an interesting & amazing podcast on thoughts, tune into Invisibila. So good! … Thoughts can come and go quickly, or they can stick with us for a while. I have noticed that with myself, thoughts seem to hang around…the ones that I really don’t want. Wandering, negative thoughts.

Sure, people will tell you to just let that thought go and think of something else, but sometimes a thought can’t change by the flip of a switch. Sometimes a lingering thought can seem impossible to get rid of… And the more you try and fight it, often, the worse it gets.

For a long time I believed that my negative thoughts defined who I was. That they meant something and that something needed to be fixed in my life. I let my thoughts and my emotions take on the majority of weight, and for a while there, it was almost paralyzing. I won’t go into detail about what these thoughts were, because most of the time I couldn’t explain them and weren’t sure where they came from, but it’s interesting how one thought can jump in & then it grows and grows and grows.

My thoughts grew, as well as my discomfort and insecurity. I have always considered myself to be a positive person, so I tried to fight the thoughts as best I could..but wow..they just got worse. I became paralyzed in my abilities and a recluse. This spiral began to wear on me and I lost my strength. My hope. I was letting the thoughts win. Define. And I suddenly found myself in a time of a deep depression episode. (we will leave that for another post)

I am here to tell you that your thoughts don’t define you and that you can win! I am living proof that through therapy and practice, they can be controlled and even mastered. Over the years, therapists have evolved the way they look at thoughts, and a lot of therapists today see thoughts as not having a whole lot of meaning. We all can have crazy, unordinary thoughts. Like I said before, this doesn’t define you or necessarily mean anything..and a lot of professionals agree.

One thing I found interesting from the Invisibilia podcast on thoughts was that some people can suffer from what is called OCD Thoughts. These are those that may have a bizarre thought, but then really can’t get it out of their head. The women who run the podcast talked about this man in particular who struggled with this and didn’t have any idea what was going on with himself. I wont go into detail, but he was really able to gain a better understanding of himself and a sense of control on his thoughts once he started to see a psychiatrist. He realized his thoughts weren’t really him or who he thought he was. Anyways, just a really cool and hopeful podcast that even helped me understand my thoughts a little better and gave me great comfort.

So lets dive into our thoughts this week and how we can make them a little more positive… how we can gain a little bit better control of them. Start off by trying to stop the personal attacks. “I’m too fat”. “I’m not good enough”. The feed of these negative thoughts don’t just slip in and out..they stick. We, at times, can be our own biggest critic and negative fuel. If you find your are feeding yourself full of these thoughts, start the process of elimination by not saying them out loud.  Try that this week and see how it goes. If you catch yourself verbally expressing this negativity, replace it with a positive. For more on thoughts and observing them instead of feeding them, start reading The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. This book is posted under my self-help books tab and it truly is amazing.


Tip for thoughts:

-Write down 3 things you did well today & 3 things you are grateful for.


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