Where to Start?

We all have different stories. Different beginnings, struggles, everyday lives. Whatever they may be, I think that we are all on a discovery path of finding more worth, wellness, and overall happiness. Maybe you are feeling great about your life, maybe you need a small “pick me up”, or maybe you need a big helping hand..I have some tools for all of us to use that can help increase, not only our happiness, but our overall fulfillment. I plan to post weekly with stories, tips, and research, and I would love to hear from you too! Here are the categories we will discuss weekly:

-Discovery. Self-awareness & acceptance.

-Habits. What healthful and helpful habits can we start? And which not-so-helpful ones can we eliminate?

-Juggling. You, your relationships, work.

-Daily Motivators. What do YOU need to stay content & rejuvenated?

-Sharing your gift.

My dream is for individuals to see more of their worth & capabilities. Their beauty from something greater than the worlds view.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Neilson says:

    Sadie Rae you have a way with words you sweetheart! So proud of you!!


    1. sadieraeblog says:

      Thanks so much Kell ❤️


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